The HRDF new economic recovery initiative, PENJANA HRDF – Training Incentive Programme highlights how generating job opportunities and training play a critical part in Malaysia’s fight to get back on its feet in the wake of the COVID-19 peak on unemployment and employability issues.

The government, through PENJANA, emphasises training in terms of reskilling and upskilling of Malaysians to enhance the employability of the unemployed.

These efforts will be implemented through collaborations with various ministries and agencies.

HRDF at the same time seeks qualified partners in delivering the initiatives crafted as part of the short to medium-term COVID-19 economic recovery plan, specifically related to job placement, entrepreneurship, self-employment and market-driven industrial revolution 4.0 training.

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We cater for all needs. Whether you are job seekers, employers or training providers, PENJANA HRDF provides job creation, skills training and employment opportunities. 

These efforts will help create dynamic, local high-skilled labour markets to support areas with high job potential and introducing greater flexibility to help school leavers, unemployed graduates and retrenched workers get into work.

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